Kikuyu grass is a popular species of grass in Australia. It is considered to be one of the best choices for use as an ornamental grass or as a turfgrass in home gardens. Kikuyu grass is very hardy and can withstand drought, frost, and heat. It grows well in many types of soil, but it does need plenty of sunlight and water.

This type of grass will grow tall and thick if left unchecked, so pruning or cutting it back periodically is recommended to keep it under control. Its rapid growth, softness, and durability make it suitable for lawns as well as accent and decorative features.

The following are four landscaping ideas using Kikuyu turf.

1. Create Sweeping Kikuyu Lawns 

A sprawling Kikuyu lawn is a classic Australian design that provides open space for recreation or relaxation. Kikuyu establishes quickly to form an even, lush turf that can tolerate heavy foot traffic and pockets of shade, and the bright green colour of Kikuyu grass can provide a vibrant backdrop for your outdoor living area. With regular maintenance like mowing and fertilising, Kikuyu lawns retain an attractive appearance all year round. or lawn.     

2. Create Garden Bed Borders With Kikuyu Turf

Kikuyu grass is a great plant to use as a border or edging for your garden beds, as it grows rapidly and can be cut down to the desired length. It also has a rich green colour which will look great around any flowerbed or garden border. Rolls of Kikuyu can be cut and secured to create soft, ornamental borders that frame key features and require the same care as a typical lawn.

3. Create A Poolside Paradise With Kikuyu Turf

If your home features a pool, Kikuyu turf is a great addition to your poolside landscaping. The grass's hardiness allows it to withstand high foot traffic, making it ideal for the area around a pool. Its bright green colour contrasts beautifully with the sparkling blue water, creating a tropical oasis right in your backyard. Plus, Kikuyu grass's excellent erosion control makes it a practical choice for sloping poolside landscapes.

4. Create Vertical Greenery With Kikuyu Turf

For a dramatic accent, use Kikuyu turf to create a living wall or vertical garden. Sections of mesh or netting attached to a wall or fence provide support for rolls of Kikuyu placed at an upwards angle, with pockets of soil or a drip irrigation system to maintain it. Vertical kikuyu adds lush greenery, depth, and visual interest. 

To learn more about Kikuyu turf or alternatives such as sapphire buffalo turf or empire zoysia turf, chat with a landscaper today.