Pavers are an excellent way to incorporate visual interest and design into your landscaping project. From walkways to patios, pavers can be used in various ways to help create a unique and beautiful outdoor space. Whether you're planning a full-scale renovation or just sprucing up your yard, here are four tips for using pavers as part of your landscaping project.

Tip #1: Choose The Right Material

When it comes to pavers, there are several different materials to choose from. Some popular options include brick, concrete, stone and flagstone pavers. Each material offers its own unique look and feel, which could be right for your project, depending on the overall design aesthetic you're going for. Consider what material will work best with the rest of your design elements before making a final decision.

Tip #2: Test Out Different Patterns

Once you've chosen the type of paver material you want to use, it's time to move on to the fun part — designing! Depending on the shape of your paver stone (square, rectangular and etc.), there is likely more than one pattern that will fit into your desired layout. Don't be afraid to test out different patterns until you find one that works best with the rest of your landscaping plan, or even try something completely new.

Tip #3: Use Colour To Your Advantage

If you're looking for a really bold statement piece for your outdoor area, consider incorporating colour into your paver design. Whether opting for brightly coloured stones or using various tone combinations within certain areas of the patio or walkway design itself, colour can add an additional layer of depth to any outdoor space. Plus, it can help bring together other elements like furniture pieces or plants without having them compete with each other visually.

Tip #4: Consider Maintenance Requirements

Before committing fully to any particular paver option, make sure that you know what kind of maintenance is required in order to keep them looking great over time. Stones like granite or marble require significantly less maintenance than some other types of materials. Also, be sure to ask about any sealant options available which may help extend the life span of certain products even further.


Pavers can provide stunning visual additions when applied correctly within a landscape design scheme — but only if executed properly! Following these five tips should help ensure that you get the most out of any paver-based project. For further advice, contact a landscaping service such as Playford Pavers today.