If you are in charge of landscaping for a new project, you need products that can stand the test of time, be relatively easy to maintain and put up with the specific site requirements. However, you may have a greater challenge if the land in question is very undulating or tends to slope significantly from one point to another. In this case, you may have to choose a landscaping approach that can 'take' correctly, and that will be resistant to run off or erosion. What type of product is perfect for this type of situation?


In general terms, a technique known as hydromulching or (hydroseeding) can ensure that any grass seed applied to a sloping surface like this will remain in place, no matter the weather condition.

To begin the process, you need to mix a solution with the right amount of water, fertiliser and seed. This solution may include fertilisers and tackifiers to promote bonding and wood fibre mulch for bulk. You will then need to spray the solution onto the area in question using special equipment, and it will immediately take. Interlocking fibres will dig down into the surface of the soil to aid with airflow and water infiltration while at the same time ensuring the grass itself remains in place.

Organic Matrix

Many of these products include a continuous layer of fibre strands that can repel any potential damage caused by heavy raindrops. At the same time, however, this matrix will not inhibit any plant growth or repel the amount of water necessary for maximum yield. Eventually, the fibre strands will biodegrade as the grass takes hold.

Soil Analysis

Before you order this type of product, however, you will need to know what soil you are working with and its inherent qualities. If there are any imbalances that may affect growth, then you may need to add certain materials to the hydromulch. Specific nutrients may help, or you may need to take into account the pH factor of the soil as you develop the ideal solution. In the worst-case scenario, you may need to add a layer of topsoil that'll be specifically engineered to work well with the subsequent application of hydromulch.

Getting Your Solution

Talk with your landscape designer and product supplier to see what hydromulch options they can suggest. They will help you to do the relevant testing before you make your commitment.

To learn more, contact a hydromulch supplier in your area.