If you have inherited a piece of property and the lawn looks worn out and bare, then you might want to plant grass or shrubs. It not only gives the property a facelift, but it also prevents the topsoil from eroding further. However, you might have a rough time if you do not have adequate funds to hire a landscaper. Thanks to innovative landscaping options, funding is not an issue for cash-strapped homeowners. Spray grass is one such alternative, and it offers homeowners a less expensive landscaping option. That said, you must know how to apply spray grass effectively, and this article highlights tips for doing it correctly. Read on.

Regular Watering

When applying spray grass, you might be confused about the number of times you are supposed to water the seeds to ensure healthy growth. However, since hydroseeding is different from other planting methods, the watering process is also different. For instance, when applying spray grass, the seeds and the mulch remain relatively on the surface of the soil. It exposes the seeds to high temperatures from the direct sunlight, thus speeding up evaporation. Therefore, watering the seeds once or twice a day is not enough, and landscaping experts advise that spray grass be watered at least three times a day. Keeping the mulch continuously wet ensures that the grass grows healthy even in a sunny climate.   

Spray on Calm Days

When planting grass seeds using conventional techniques, it doesn't matter whether it is windy or calm. However, applying spray grass offers a different proposition. Since you are spraying the seeds over your lawn, the wind dictates where the seeds fall. Therefore, if you apply spray grass on a windy day, then the chances are that you will end up with a patchy lawn. You can minimize overspray on your garden by choosing a calm day to apply the spray grass. Besides, an even spray lawn ensures optimal soil erosion control.   

Adequate Mulch Mixture

The efficiency of spray grass application depends on the mixture of water, seeds, fertilizer and mulch. If you get the mixture wrong, then growth will be stunted. It is for this reason that homeowners are advised to buy ready-made spray seed mixture from a local landscaping store. However, if you want to make the mixture at home, then remember to add adequate mulch. Nonetheless, the mixture will be too heavy if you put too much mulch, which is not suitable for growth. On the other hand, too little mulch makes the mixture light and easy to blow away in the wind. Therefore, it is essential to find the right balance when mixing mulch for spray grass.