It is exciting when you move to live in a coastal area. There's a laid-back, beach vibe that permeates the soul and leads to a more relaxed feeling about your life. Now that you are ready to move into your new coastal home, you are desirous to give the outdoor front garden a makeover to make it more vibrant and updated. However, as an amateur gardener, you are not aware of which parts work best in this part of Australia. Here are some helpful hints to make sure your plants thrive in their new home.


There are two main reasons for planting new trees as part of your coastal landscaping revamp. Firstly, trees remove carbon dioxide from the air which is beneficial since you are planting close to a roadway and vehicles put carbon dioxide into the air from their exhaust pipes. Secondly, trees provide lots of shade once they are mature. This shade combined with cool coastal breezes help to keep your home cooler, and subsequently your electricity bills lower, during the summer months.

When looking for new tree choices for your coastal garden, choose a tree which has a deep root system. Being on the coast means your garden is exposed to off-shore winds which can be particularly strong during tropical storms and cyclones. The Red Flowering Gum is one tree that grows well in your area as it does not mind sand or loam in its soil. The Northern Coast Banksia is another that works well in coastal conditions and has the added benefit of binding the soil to help reduce erosion. 


You should use the same selection reasoning you used for your trees when you are planning which ground plants to include in your coastal landscaping. You need plants that can withstand the wind, sea air and soil movement. Just because you live in a coastal area does not mean you have to go without flowers though. The Aussie Crawl Fan Flower, for example, is a plant that works in both hanging baskets and planted as an edger around the garden. It grows well in dry or moist soil, can be mass-planted to provide ground cover, and provides a pretty purple flower for colour in your garden.

Your landscaper can give further information about other plant choices that would work well in your front garden makeover. By choosing your plants wisely, they will flourish as they grow through the years ahead.