Do you view the idea of plants in your office as a pointless waste of time and space? Think again. Bringing greenery into the workplace could actually make you more money by increasing your workers' productivity. The benefits of plants in the office are endless. Here are just 3 reasons why you should contact an indoor plant hire service as soon as possible.

1. Plants Make Workers More Creative

Is your business stalling because your employees aren't thinking creatively? A good business needs to be more than just formulaic. Outside-the-box thinking could be the key to discovering a profitable new tactic. There are plenty of ways to create a more creative workforce. You could hire new staff. You could send your workers on a retreat. Or, you could skip the expensive options and just add plants to desks. A Texas A&M University study found that there was a 15% increase in the ideas generated by male employees and an increase in flexible solutions produced by female employees when plants were added to the workspace. Not every idea will be good, but you're far more likely to find the golden ticket in an office where employees are constantly thinking creatively.

2. Plants Reduce Sick Days

Everyone knows plants are good for the environment, but that doesn't just apply to the great outdoors. Plants can actually clean an indoor atmosphere by improving the air quality. Plants reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the area and absorb dust and toxins. They also produce more humidity. Better air keeps workers healthier. Dr Leonard Perry reports that absenteeism is reduced by 14% when there are plants in the office, saving you money spent on sickness pay.

3. Plants Increase Attention

The quicker your workers complete their tasks, the more work they can get done. The more work they do, the more money lands in your company's bank account. Instead of encouraging your workers to drink more coffee and fall prey to jitters, bring in some foliage. One study found that participants' reaction times on computer tasks increased when they were in the presence of plants. Plants also reduced the blood pressure rise incurred by stressful tasks and the participants reported feeling attentive after completion. There are many theories as to why this works, but the important thing is that it does work. Time is money, so save as many minutes as you can by hiring a few small trees or flowering plants.