You don't have to wait until springtime, when most flowers awaken, to brighten your garden. Below is a guideline on some great flowers you can plant in fall, summer and winter to enhance your garden. Remember that if you provide your flowers with the right growing conditions, you'll be sure to have a colourful garden all year round.

Summer Blanket Flowers

Blanket flowers are a great choice of flowers that bloom in summer. These plants will brighten up your garden with their daisy-like red and yellow petals. Blanket flowers spread out and blanket the area where they are planted. So to get the most out of blanket flowers, allocate a block section for them to grow and spread.

Blanket flowers also commonly known as Gaillardia don't thrive in high clay soils. Also, ensure that your soil is well aerated, properly drained and has sufficient nutrients. You can enrich the soil by adding a general purpose fertilizer once every month.

Winter Fairy Primrose

The Fairy Primrose is a brightly coloured flower that blooms throughout the winter season up until the onset of spring. Primrose flowers come in a variety of different shades including red, lavender, white and pink. The Fairy Primrose flower is short-lived, and it will dry up soon after spring begins.

The best time to plant this flower is in February or early spring, although the seeds will still germinate even if planted late in July. You can also opt to buy the seedlings from a plant supplies provider instead of growing seeds for yourself. The seedlings will also do well if planted at the beginning of spring.

Fall Asters

Asters are a great autumn flower to brighten your gardens a time when most flowers wilt away. Asters have varying shades of color including white, pink, blue and purple. You can create some more fall glamour by planting two Asters with different colours that blend in with your outdoors or landscape. Asters are a great fit in wildflower and rock gardens, and also look great when used along borders.

Asters often grow in bushy clusters, and it's therefore advisable you plant them about 18 inches apart so that they will have enough room for growth. Also, if you want to prolong the bloom of your Asters during fall, then prune them by cutting off about six inches at the tops, specifically in summer.

You can enhance your outdoors by ensuring you plant a flowering plant for every season. Brightly coloured flowers such as the ones above-mentioned will indeed give your landscaping a facelift when they bloom.